How to Choose the Right Scaffolding Company

October 2, 2020

In this blog we have mentioned how to choose the right scaffolding company. Most construction projects that have to work at heights will need the safety and stability of a scaffolding system. Choosing the right company to supply and assemble such a system is important. There are several different companies offering scaffolding services in Saskatchewan. When shopping around, consider these six main areas of importance: experience, reliability, available manpower, safety, equipment and price.


Safety is always a top priority at Credence Construction Ltd. Working at heights can be a dangerous thing. You need to ensure the scaffolding company you hire will take the proper precautions. Ask specific questions about the company’s policies, certification, regulations and credentials. Many companies will have these listed on their website.


There are many different types of jobs when it comes to scaffolding and it is important to choose a company that has experience in the type of project you are doing. The best way to do this is to talk to a variety of companies. Discuss your project and determine who has done similar jobs in the past. They should be able to provide you with a list of past jobs which will help you to determine if their experience fits your project needs.


Hiring a company with a solid reputation, worthy of your trust, is very important. It is a great idea to meet with the scaffolding company before you hire them to discuss their policies, procedures and safety record.

Consider digging around to find out what their reputation is like. Check out their online presence and reviews. Perhaps even call one of the companies they have worked for in the past and discuss their experience.

Available Manpower 

Scaffolding companies will have staff dedicated to assembly, maintenance and disassembly of their systems. Ask specific questions about how many people they employ in this area and what their average time allotment is for each stage of the process. It is also a good idea to find out how quickly maintenance will be carried out and what part of the province the crew is coming from. If you live in Yorkton, it might not be feasible to hire a Saskatoon company that doesn’t have a local presence. Local is always best!


There are different kinds of scaffolding systems and different applications for each one. It is important to ensure you choose a system that is right for your project. Most companies will make recommendations based on terrain or height of building, once they hear about your project. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If one company recommends one style and another company another, ask about the difference in opinion.


Cost is always a consideration but we have placed it at the bottom of the list for a reason. As with anything, you usually get what you pay for. It is important to ensure the scaffolding company you choose fulfills all the requirements listed above before you discuss price. Have a budget in mind based on past builds and conversations with other builders. But make sure that budget is flexible since market conditions could change between the time of the quote and the project commencement. Once you have agreed to a company and a price lock it in quickly by paying a down payment.

Consider Credence Construction Ltd. for your scaffolding needs. We service Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Western Ontario. We would be happy to discuss all the topics listed above with you.