How to Choose the Right Scaffolding System for your Project

March 19, 2021

Scaffolds are temporary structures that support workers and equipment when working at heights during the construction, repair, or maintenance of various structures. There are many types of scaffolding systems: not limited to suspended, supported, mechanical. in this blog you will get to know how to choose the right scaffolding system for your project

Suspended Scaffolding System involves a working platform that hangs from an overhead structure.

Supported Platform Scaffolding consist of one or more platforms supported by outrigger, beams, brackets, poles, frames, or similar rigid support.

Mechanical scaffolds is made of platforms that can be raised or lowered by a mechanical device such as ariel lifts, scissor lifts, personnel lifts etc.

Every project is unique and a careful assessment is necessary to determine which type of scaffolding system will best suit the situation. Some factors to consider include the design and dimensions of the project, congestion in the work area, budget, foundation, surroundings, and more. We would be happy to share some of these factors and help determine what type of scaffolding is right for you.

Load Bearing

Will heavy equipment and materials need to be supported by the scaffolding system. Each system has a loading capacity limit. Evaluate the amount of people and equipment that will need to work on the scaffolding and use that when choosing your system. Engineering may be required.


The choice of a scaffold also depends on the dimensions and design of the building. Suspended and adjustable systems are recommended for tall structures.


The amount of space around the project is a factor as some scaffolding is adjusted using a crane. This can be problematic if there is no room for a crane to access the location. In a situation where there are tight space restrictions you will need to choose a system that can be assembled without the use of large equipment.


Time and Budget are very important. Once you know what your project is and determined access points you must review the best way to achieve a safe alternative for working at heights. How long will you require the scaffold, weight imposed, wind loads, and availability.

Modifications – Some projects require that the scaffolding be moved from one location to another during the construction process. Therefore you will need to choose a system that is easily relocated.


If the ground around the worksite is uneven or unstable then suspended scaffolding is a good option as it is connected to the top of the structure.

If all of this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. We are here to help. Give us a call. We would love to hear about your project and will give advice and recommendations that suit your specific situation. We are experts in the industry and have worked on a variety of projects across the prairies. We will take all the guesswork out of choosing scaffolding so that you can focus on completing your project safely, on budget and on time.


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