Maintenance and Shutdowns

Maintenance and Shutdowns

A facility maintenance shutdown involves the temporary closure of a building to perform routine checks and maintenance. This process is most often preventative in nature and includes replacing worn out or broken materials and equipment. A maintenance shutdown is generally a regularly scheduled event that provides an opportunity to complete major or minor upgrades but our team can also handle emergency, partial shutdowns.

Facility shutdown maintenance is an investment not a cost. It is similar to having your car serviced regularly instead of just waiting for it to break down. Waiting for problems to occur and fixing them at that point may save you in the short term but you will pay big in the long term. That is what we are here for; to keep things running smoothly and minimize the chance of your facility experiencing large, unexpected breakdowns that cripple your profits.

The team at Credence is trained and experienced in handling shutdowns and maintenance in a wide range of facilities across the prairie provinces. We have worked at fertilizer handling facilities, storage and blending facilities, mining work sites and in the pulp and paper industry. At each shutdown job we have a variety of tradespeople on site to ensure all areas are covered. Millwrights, welders, carpenters and electricians are all supplied in house and dispatched to a job site as necessary.

We know that time is money. So safety and efficiency are our top priority. We arrive on site with everything we will need to get the job done. Our tool cribs are stocked and our tradespeople are ready to professionally complete the maintenance shutdown.

Our local industries drive our economy and we do what needs to be done in order to help them thrive. Generally this involves routine shutdowns but we are also available for emergency partial shut downs. We can be on site quickly to fix broken equipment and get facilities backup and running. We are happy to support our local industries in this way. When they succeed, we succeed.

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