Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Have you heard the old saying, “happy wife, happy life”? It is a little statement that gets thrown around to help husbands consider what is important in life; when your wife is happy, your world is a better and easier place to live in.

Well, at Credence we have a similar idea, “happy employees, happy customers.” (It doesn’t have quite the same ring but the sentiment is similar.)

Our vision statement is to “safely execute your projects with confidence.” The way we do that is through skilled and effective men and women who take pride in their work and enjoy their job. We think that when our tradespeople feel valued, safe and satisfied in their work they will accomplish outstanding results for our clients and the industries they represent.

By focusing on our employees we ensure they will do the very best job for our customers.

We do this in a variety of ways.


We are committed to ensuring our work sites are safe and that our employees feel comfortable on the job. We are certified and registered to operate in all the prairie provinces with ISNet, COR, CogniBox, CWB and WCB insured.

All that is to say we take safety seriously. We allow outside systems to evaluate our industry compliance and safety. We offer certificate programs and compliance training to our employees on a variety of safety concerns that are specific to the trades we represent. We are committed to safety on the job.

Job advancement/opportunities

We know that people thrive when given opportunities to improve their skills and advance their careers. With that in mind we encourage our employees to pursue further education and to try jobs within our company. We employ journeymen and apprentices in a continuous effort to encourage personal and collective advancement.

Local Focus

We live and work right here in Yorkton and the surrounding area. We know this place and the people who live here. We show our commitment to our employees by investing in the community they live in to make it a better place. We work collaboratively to draw on the strengths of our co-workers and customers for the good of our community as a whole.


Integrity: We maintain our integrity by operating in an honest, trustworthy, and reliable manner each and every day!

Pursuit of Excellence: We strive to see improvement in all aspects of our business, from the personal and collective advancement of our staff to the overall growth and successes of our company and our clients.

Teamwork: We work collaboratively, drawing on the strengths of our co-workers, customers, and community.