Greenfeild Project

What is the Greenfield Project?

An overview of the Greenfield Project

The Greenfield Project is a newly built fertilizer distribution facility with the best agro-nutrients that include liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers, and pre-packaged agricultural chemicals that are essential to improve crop conditions.

Fertilizers are a vital component to improving plant growth and yielding better crops. Recent upgrades in fertilizer technology have altered the global markets as the need for high-quality fertilizers for growing healthy plants has increased worldwide. Modern fertilizers mainly comprise phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium, and other secondary nutrients which support plant growth and overall health.


Using synthetic fertilizers has increased the quantity and quality of the crops available today. To cater to the increasing demand for fertilizers across the globe, Credence Construction Ltd. has decided to start a high-tech fertilizer distribution facility that includes granular and liquid fertilizers, and pre-packaged agricultural chemicals to meet the ever-growing demand. The aim is to provide the best agro-nutrients to enhance the value of crops.


Now you might be thinking, that’s a lot of background information on agro-nutrients and fertilizers, but what is the project all about? So let’s dive deep and understand the Greenfield Project in detail. 


How is it being implemented?

At present, the concrete groundwork has been completed and the wooden building construction has begun. Once the building construction phase is done, the steel structure construction will start. 


When is the expected launch date?

With the efforts and expertise of the dedicated workforce, the project is expected to be completed around the spring of 2023. However, the launch date isn’t decided yet. 


Who is handling the project, and how much workforce is available?

Credence Construction Ltd. is the general contractor who is handling all the business operations. As of now, the company has deployed over 100 workers for this project and the management believes that many more will need to be included going forward. 


What are we trying to achieve through this project?

While providing sustainable fertilizers to our valued customers is the primary objective, customer service and the highest quality assurance lie at the core of our operation. 


Our Mission 

Credence Construction Ltd. aims to procure and distribute the highest quality agro-nutrients and fertilizers that are helpful to improve the texture and production of crops, as well as enhance the value of crops. 


Our Vision

Our vision is to expand fertilizer distribution facilities across the world based on continuous innovation and up-to-date technological advancements. We aim to build a close-knit relationship with our customers and provide them with 360-degree tailored solutions.


In a Nutshell,

With the launch of the Greenfield Project, we are sure to offer the best quality of agro-nutrients that include liquid fertilizers, granular fertilizers, and pre-packaged agricultural chemicals and fertilizers to improve crop production and enhance its value.